Saturday, July 10th, 2010

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Wedding guest list issues have been greatly resolved, thanks to a late night chat with a good friend who helped me see things politically instead of mentally and emotionally. Looked at my guest list again a week or so after that, and have things mostly sorted out. Naturally things can still change with a year still to go, but I'm confident that it can be worked out with little fuss. I can give a few more fridge magnet save the dates out than before, and everyone else can wait until actual invites a few months before the final date. Meanwhile, I was in Textile Traders on Thursday, and overheard one sales girl talking to the other about their wedding. So I went up and shared the offbeat bride website link with them. After I got my material, we got chatting and she gave me a business card for a person I can see about my dress, in Rockingham. They seem to tick all the boxes, from what I heard, so in a month or so when I get time I plan on following that up and getting started on narrowing down the idea of my dress into something more concrete. I also found a venue that I think I'll love, although I've only viewed their website and not seen the place in person yet. Unfortunately due to circumstances on the venue side of things, I have to wait a few months to find out what's happening with that. Not too stressed, plenty of time still and winter is a slow season usually. Just a bit impatient *heh*. But in a few weeks when I have time again, I'll go up at check the place out. Exciting :D

My shoulder is still twinging, although part of me is secretly glad because I have a legitimate reason not to go to band. I do enjoy band, but I've been enjoying being able to stay home and have one less thing that I "have" to do every week. My neck on the other side is also giving me grief for the last month or so though. That I can do without, it's just annoying and there's no silver lining that I've found yet. In other health news, I've had restless legs for the last two weeks, and I've been getting tireder and tireder for the last week, to the point where yesterday I left work early and napped most of the afternoon, followed by an early bedtime and a long night of more sleep. I feel a lot better today, but could quite cheerfully put my head on my arms and go to sleep again right at this moment. Zig had a gander at restless legs on wikipedia (found here) and the graph there suggests that my needing sleep a lot is connected to my legs. Could be; I've had restless legs since I was a kid and they usually only last 1-3 days, so this is new territory for me with them lasting so long.

Zig's 30th birthday is two Mondays from now, having a party next Saturday. I've been stressing over a present for him for soooo many months. Everyone I know who knows him finds him hard to buy for, and I'm no exception to the rule. Finally worked it out only a couple of days ago - phew! That's a big stress relief right there. Of course, still have to organise everything for it before the party, in between everything else I'm trying to fit in...along with all the extra sleep I seem to be needing cutting out active hours in each day. Looking forward to a couple of weeks from now, when I might get a chance for a bit of a break! Gotta pick up part of the present after work this afternoon, then go food shopping, then see if I can get a nap in before a party tonight, which I might have to leave early-ish to get enough sleep tonight before attending a daytime party tomorrow, before cleaning up that afternoon (and getting another early night to be able to function as human) because I'm hosting a gathering on Monday night after work! Oh, and I also have to find time to do more towards the present for Zig, because that all needs to be finished before next Saturday and there's a bunch to do. Blargh. Pushing quite a bit these few days, and wasn't expecting to be run down with "lack of sleep" effects before it happened. Then the coming week I expect to recuperate (as much as is possible with just a few hours between work and sleep and present doing and stuff) so that I can get everything organised for Zig's party after work on Saturday. Next Sunday is definitely scheduled as a do nothing day. I do my best to schedule time off into my calendar so that I don't wipe out!

It appears I have not yet enthused on LJ about going to see Swan Lake on Ice in August. SQUEE! Booked that a while back, I've never seen any fancy stuff on ice in person before, I'm very excited! I'm sure that I'll be absolutely dazzled. Also hoping to go to the Sleeping Beauty ballet in September on the 10th or 11th, but have yet to book anything as I am waiting to see if one of my friends is going to be available then.


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