Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

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I have an irrational love of boxes. I don't really use them, even the cool ones that I wish I did use somehow, but something inside me goes "SQUEEEEEE!" about boxes, especially the small cute ones. I have a little useless pile of them at home that I can't bring myself to get rid of, although I try not to add to it.

The last few soups I made in the slow cooker have all had this odd taste to them that detracted from the flavour horribly. The second last soup I made, I didn't put in any of the previous things that I thought might have caused it, but it was still there. Thus, I worked out that it was the half a bulb of fresh garlic I put in for the last several - the slow cooker made the flavour come out way too strong and changed it from a straight garlic flavour to this sort of manky taste. So, I made soup again last night, and put in a single teaspoon of the crushed type from the bottle, and it was perfect! This is a relief, as Zig had pretty much said he wasn't going to eat any more soups I made. I just have to convince him to have some of yesterday's leftover soup for dinner tonight, since he went out last night and escaped trying any then!

Still tired, but behind my eyes where it doesn't show on the outside to the world so much. I'm mostly functional otherwise and can almost forget I'm tired occasionally. Still affecting me though, I wigged out and cried a lot on Sunday, and get a random flash of "must cry!" a few times through the day - just a flash of feeling, no actual tears. And my legs are still bugging me which is annoying. There's this thing on tonight that I'd love to have gone to, but I'm staying home and will get an early night instead, since I might be staying up a normal amount tomorrow night and I had a normal bedtime last night and an hour short this morning due to Zig chronically sleeping through his alarm and me not quite awake enough to be able to turn over and wake him up after I realised he wasn't getting up - I usually give him at least 20 minutes before bugging, since I doze 20 minutes past my alarm too (on purpose).

When I was so "over it" about the wedding due to all the brain arghs about guest list and therefore venue etc, I stopped reading the offbeat bride website. Started reading it again about a month ago, I was about 17 pages behind! Read it slowly-ish, just caught up today. When I feel more up to it, I'll dive back into the ning forums for offbeat bride again, but I think that's going to be a big effort since I've got 684 unprocessed email notifications about new threads and comments on the groups I've joined, etc. So, I'll put that off a little longer until I have a lot of time and feel like I'm capable of the huge mental effort. Good to catchup on the straight blog website though, hoorah :)


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