Friday, February 12th, 2010

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Friday, February 12th, 2010 06:01 pm
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Today's LJ brought to you by: just in case a potential new employer googles my email address and find this. Which is very in vogue these days.

I have been at my current workplace for almost six entire years now. Good years, for the most part. However the small payrise that I got in early January, combined with a friend emailing me earlier this week about a potential job I may be interested in, led me to think about what I'm doing with my work life a little more. I realised that I've sort of hit the glass ceiling of what I can do here. I'm happy here, I love my job. I usually love the customer interactions (everyone gets sucky customers sometimes *heh*), I know what's expected of me, the people in the company are great, and I do what's required rather well. But it is the most I can do here - I can't realisticly expect to advance further, learn much more (except about new technology), or increase my salary much more. Contentedness counts for a lot, but part of me never gave up on the rat race I suppose. If an opportunity falls in my lap, I'm going to grab it! So I did - I pulled a massive effort and completed almost everything I could at work this morning so that I could in good conscience focus on updating my drastically out of date resume and create a cover letter to go with it, so that I could email it by tonight. Many customers later and lack of any last-minute proof-readers available, as well as a stock transfer from the other store in the middle of it all, I still got it all done to my satisfaction and emailed it off! So now we wait. If it falls through, then so be it. I am still content where I am for the most part. But if I have done well, then I am one step closer to seizing the prize. No more shall be said.


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