Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

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Brain a little scattered so I'm going for point form.

*Got Xmas holidays off, even though my shop was open in that time. Enjoyed lazing around a lot and wearing funky coloured nail polish.
*Managed to maintain my weight over Xmas and not gain any while indulging in lots of yummy stuff, by being smart and selective about it.
*Got back into the groove of work very easily, almost like I haven't been away except with the benefit of a really good break.
*Think I have found an excellently priced venue for wedding stuff that does the thing I wanted for guests. Very exciting, as all my research before indicated I'd have to give it up. Get to check the venue out in a few weeks, not sharing any more than that with anyone until after then.
*Birthday coming up on the 24th, but close friends flying out before then, so moved the festivities up to this weekend.
*Discovered last weekend that there was an 8th book in the Incarnations of Immortality series by Piers Anthony. Nox! Reading at traffic lights isn't smart, but hard to resist.
*Curling ribbon is a marvelous creation.
*My glasses broke yesterday morning. Big long story short, they were 12 days within warranty and I managed to get things organised so they were fixed yesterday afternoon. Being able to see properly is a good thing.
*Colouring-in is very time consuming, but greatly enjoyable and relaxing.
*Planning to go to the eastern states sometime within the next six months to visit a dear friend of mine. Looking forward to both seeing her and checking out far off Australian places.
*Friends currently in Canada are arriving in Perth for a visit in a bit over a month. Be good to see them again!
*Zig is awesome.
*The Steam holiday sale was hard to resist and involved me spending $200+ on games. I'm mostly a pirate cos I don't agree with the price of the games, but damn, that sale was good. And costly to my credit card!
* Got two Threadless t-shirts in the mail yesterday that I ordered back in December. Very happy with the purchase.

INVITES - comment/contact me for more details if interested.
*Everyone invited to come to a strip club with me on Saturday 9th 8:30pm - I imagine mostly male friends will come, but interested ladies welcome too.
*Everyone invited to come to dinner with me in Northbridge on Saturday 9th 7:15pm - venue yet to be decided. RSVP preferred so appropiate sized table can be booked.
*All lady friends (and their lady friends too) invited to come to the C restaraunt (it revolves!) for High Tea on Sunday 10th 2:30pm. RSVP needed by Friday, restaraunt requires it.


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