Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

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I wanna update, but I don't feel like typing much - gotta conserve my meagre brain alertness at this end of the day for playing trombone tonight. So forgive my lack of eloquentness.

Valentine's: I wrote Zig a love letter and posted it on Thursday so he'd get it on Friday while I was at work, because it would be a nice surprise and everyone likes getting things through the mail. On Saturday I made him a special batch of fruit salad just for him. He likes fruit salad a lot. On Sunday I got my breakfast cooked for me while I was feeling very very seedy from the night before, and flowers too. I cooked dinner that night and we enjoyed it with a bottle of sparkling strawberry wine. Simple, heart-felt, pleasant.

My big band has moved their rehearsals to a new venue in Wangara. This sucks for multiple reasons, the first of which is that band finishes when I like to be in bed at the latest, then I've still got to drive home. Now I've got to drive home even longer - it was previously from Hammersley - and get to bed even later. The second of which is that I have a tradition of meeting some friends every Wednesday night for dinner at a particular pub, and now there's no time to get there and eat and still get to band on time, so I've had to bow out of the tradition. Driving from Myaree to Wangara is annoying enough without having to scrap a much enjoyed tradition. Apparently I'm considered an important part of the tradition though, so it may be moved to another night just for me (feels loved and ego overwhelmed at the same time). Wednesday night is already quite a drag, it goes for three hours, but my attention and alertness and therefore my ability start waning at just before the two hour mark. So it takes a lot of effort to be focused for that whole time. Plus sides, the music is good, I like being part of music group that has direction and purpose, and we provide good music to the public about every month or so. The new venue will have a lot of pluses once it's set up fully too, but it's always going to be a FOREVER drive away. I am committed to the big band on one level, but feel obligated (which is a drag) on another level. But I know I felt that way about my brass band too before I took a year off and came back to it, so I'm wondering if it's just a mental switch I need to find and flip, or if I'm simply doing to many social things and should cut back? Hard to tell. Meanwhile, I'll let the status quo carry me forward.

Had a chat to my mum on the phone today about the wedding guest list while putting stock away at work. It helped clarify a few things regarding the relatives. Still not sure what to do about it all, but slightly less "argh" than before now.

I've been wanting to sit down and babble about all my wedding ideas with someone for a while now, and the one person I think would be best/appropriate/willing to do that to has finally come back from holidays. So maybe I will get a chance to catch up with her sometime over the next few weeks? I'm so round and round in circles about some of my ideas.

Enough typing. A little late closing because service guy is finishing up a job for someone waiting. Hopefully be done really soon so I can close and stop my customer service brain for the day.


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