Friday, January 29th, 2010

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Feeling very drained and sooky lately, especially in the mornings before getting to work. Still able to function properly at work and get shit done and interact with customers properly, etc. But then drained and sooky again when I get home at night after work or whatever I was doing that night.

Got draining things that I'm supposed to be doing, but so drained already that I just don't want to drain further.
1) I gotta type minutes up from a meeting from three weeks ago, but they're so full of political drama BS that I simply have no motivation for submerging myself into that.
2) I gotta send a polite questioning email to a possible wedding venue regarding a pricing bait and switch, which requires very careful wording, cos things go a lot smoother if you stay friendly with people who are yet to provide the service to you.
3) I gotta reinstall Windows on my puter sometime, since I installed a nasty rootkit virus on there a while back, and I got rid of it a week back but I still don't trust my machine fully anymore without wiping the Windows slate clean. Reinstalling Windows always sucks. Mega.
I got a bunch of other fiddly stuff to do too.

I think maybe I've just been doing too much over the last few weeks. Also having too many late bedtimes with too much broken sleep - I was functioning fine before, but now that all the big events are over, my body has gone "right, NOW YOU REST M-KAY" or something. So it's throwing a hissy fit and only behaving when it knows it has to. Except it's being stupid and not giving me the rest it's demanding. I actually got an early bedtime last Saturday, with solid sleep until a decent time in the morning, and I still ended up having two naps on Sunday just to function! I guess one long solid sleep isn't enough to make up for everything. But I'm so tired as well as drained and sooky for the last several mornings, and then I'm still drained and sooky at night but not tired anymore, and so even if I go to bed I find it hard to get to sleep and my brain won't shut up. Which is unusual for me, I don't usually have a brain that won't shut up at night. Worst is when you wake up in the middle of the night with a brain that won't shut up. And then the alarm in the morning insistently reminding me that I gotta get up and get ready for work, but that's when I'm tired and would totally be able to sleep more! It's like jet lag, except I haven't enjoyed any holiday in another timezone.

I can't blame the heat for my drained-ness or lack of sleep-ness. For some reason the heat hasn't bothered me at all, like water off a duck's back. For at least the last month, it might as well been a solid 20 degrees every day for all that my body has noticed. Previously I have felt the heat a bit more than that. But whatever. It's the cold that really gets to me, I can't stand it. It's curious, being with Zig, cos his thermostat is the complete opposite to mine, he suffers in the heat but doesn't notice the cold.

Blargh. *mope*


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