Saturday, January 16th, 2010

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Saturday, January 16th, 2010 01:00 pm
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Close friends are flying out this weekend to travel around in the northern hemisphere for a month. Amusingly, they get back at the same time as two other friends are flying back in from Canada for a visit. After one of the two friends inquired about a netbook that I was selling at work, I offered my netbook for a loan. It left my care into their's on Thursday night, and I already have a netbook-shaped ache in my heart, even though I don't actually use it all that much. I find that amusing also.

Going to see James Morrison tonight with three friends. Initially it was going to be two friends, but then one thought they wouldn't be able to make it and I organised someone else for their ticket. Then they could make it after all, so I called up Mundaring Weir Hotel and organised another ticket. So now it's me and three guys squeezing into my little two door Ford Festiva Trio. Hilarity! Looking forward to it, James Morrison always presents a really good show. Apparently it's a motown theme, which is good, because that's one of the styles that my big band apparently plays, except I have no idea what that genre actually is other than the fact it fits well with all the other styles we play. So now I get to find out better.

Going away with Zig for two nights next weekend for my birthday, at a lovely lovely place in Dwellingup. My birthday is on the Sunday (24th) and I've arranged the Monday off work, so we are staying Sat and Sun nights, coming back up on Monday afternoon, sleeping in our own bed Mon night, and heading out to the traditional annual Australia Day festivities at our friends' house on Tuesday. So quite looking forward to next weekend too, which will be like a four day long weekend for me. No big party for my birthday this year, I already celebrated last weekend with dinner, strippers, and high tea.

The Aust Day tradition at my friends' started back when they lived walking distance from the foreshore in Vic Park. Then they moved to Glen Forrest in the hills, but since we had all mostly tired of the fireworks by then over the years, everyone still just kept rocking up at their place every year :D The Aust Day festivities also always has the home-made spit there - the spit that lives in our backyard was in fact first created for Aust Day in Vic Park years ago, and goes back and forth from our house and theirs' upon need - and goes from lunch until late into the night. Good food, good company, excellent.

I would like to plug as an awesome website, as the last time I did so was a while ago now. I'm also joined up with the Offbeat Bride Tribe community on the Ning networking site. For me, it's so interesting what different people do in whacky ways or traditional with just a few changes, so that I'll quite likely keep looking at it even after I finally get married. I am especially grateful to the website, as it recently reminded me of the fact that bridesmaids do not have to wear dresses (a bride's attendants were wearing pencil skirts and nice blouses), which I had not thought of at all for 2 1/2 yrs even though it's so obvious, and which has solved the bridal party attire dilemma that I've been having. Also while I'm on the wedding topic, I am super excited to get to check out a possible ceremony/reception venue in the next few weeks which has such glorious possibilities and is such a good price. I don't want to jinx it by saying anymore before I check it out though. Excitement!


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