Monday, January 11th, 2010

Weekend synopsis

Monday, January 11th, 2010 01:41 pm
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I had a fabulous weekend. Yummy dinner with friends at The Moon cafe on Saturday, followed by Xotica. There was like a weird time blackhole effect at Xotica or something, I got a genuine shock when I looked at the time and realised three and a half hours had passed, since it felt like an hour maximum! I liked all the girls, even the ones I thought I didn't like initially. I found that the good looking girls had average moves but you didn't care cos of the looks, and the average looking girls had excellent moves, which made you forget everything else. I ended up spending $30 in tipping dollars by the end of the night. I think I might like to go again sometime.

High tea at the C restaraunt on Sunday was lovely. They had a number of tasty little goodies, and we were all too stuffed by the end to finish everything. A little like dim sum, everything is so small in size that you feel like you haven't eaten anything, but you've actually eaten an amazing amount and your stomach is protesting your taste buds. The profiteroles there were divine - I never realised they could taste like that before. Plus I've got a craving for fresh smoked salmon now - they had little two-tier finger sandwiches with salmon in them that I couldn't resist and ate more than my share of. The view was gorgeous too. After high tea, I moseyed down to the ferris wheel on the foreshore and had a ride with yet more glorious views of the river and Perth. Then after I got home, I went out again to dinner with Zig. All in all a marvellous time.

It doesn't stop there though, I just got a payrise today too! Everything is just better and better :D

Currently looking forward to catching up with SBC highschool friends tomorrow night, two nights stay down near Dwellingup in a few weeks, and Australia Day which is traditionally at a friend's house every year with good company and good food. More plans in the months ahead for other fabulous times too.


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