Saturday, January 9th, 2010

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Looking forward to the weekend after work today. Dashing off to my bro's to get my hair dyed, then out to dinner at The Moon cafe with lovely friends. Strippers after that, for the first time - never been before. Then tomorrow afternoon I step foot into the C revolving restaurant for the first time to enjoy high tea in lovely company. First experiences always have rosier-coloured glasses than any time after.

I have this urge to dress-up nicely to go out tonight, but I also don't want to encourage guys at the strippers to mistake me for someone they can grab at. Wardrobe dilemma! I have no doubt I'll figure out something though, and whatever the consequences, it's all part of the experience. As long as I avoid the slutty look completely, since that would just be inviting trouble! I've also been on short sleep all week, and will certainly be shorter after tonight. Will be doing my damnedest to sleep-in tomorrow morning, for sure! No regrets! Plans to spend a lot more tonight that I normally would - cocktails from bars tend to be costly, plus a few tipping dollars for strippers - and I might even end up catching a taxi, which is a rare occurance for me!

All in all, it should be a fantastic weekend :D


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