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Facebook not behaving, and anyway I don't feel like more computer tonight. Kinda feel like reading but it's late enough that reading would be a bad idea because I don't trust myself to put the book down after a short while and go to sleep, and since I'm on the mending side of being sick I want to make sure I don't stay up hours past when I should like usual. So! Seems like a good time to make a dreamwidth post.

Although, I'm doing it on my phone, and the formatting is such that the text continues past the typing box and all the extra info boxes then obscure what I'm typing, like this entire paragraph to this point. Cleared that area now though.

I made some progress on original songs recently. Normally, I sit down at the piano and just make shit up, and in the last few years I expanded that so that if I get together a nice little cohesive piece I will record it on my phone. That's as far as that goes. I have grand ideals that one day I'll do something with them, but after this amount of time I don't have much hope joined to those grand ideals. However! I had one piece with words arrive once, and I could imagine Jon English singing it, and I became enamoured of it and found myself singing it in the car trying to find stable lyrics. It was a while ago, I didn't record the first sessions, but I have a version 2 recorded on my phone dated October 2015. Revisited it every so often. Sometime in the last few months it finally came together with full lyrics, over the space of about a week. The theme of the lyrics is similar but not the same as my original intention, and I consider it a stronger song now. Still haven't worked out the accompaniment properly, it's got chords but I don't think the piano is the right instrument and I don't play guitar very well plus my guitar bag has spider web infestations stopping my access. My brain still has Jon English and his rock band perform it though.

I am proud of the song so far and have even sung it once in front of a small campfire crowd who didn't know it was mine and who thought it was good, and once to a friend without saying it was mine first and he also thought it was good, so yay! That one has had its title since its inception, and is called Shelter from the Storm.

A few weeks ago, while I was walking, I passed time by singing random stuff. I should do that more often, but it hasn't been my way for a while. Anyway, I was doing the random singing this time, and the majority of the song was done in the space of 10 minutes. Another few days and the two verses were added. I've been singing that one a lot too, I like it. It seems solid, but I didn't sing it for half a week and it morphed a little so maybe it's still in progress. I haven't sat down at the piano with that one yet either. It has a working title only, Spark.

I think finding something I like and then working on it enough so that it's cohesive and I'll remember it correctly long enough to record it without stuff ups definitely helps, as does the recording. Even if I never do anything with the pieces, it's comforting that there's a kept history of them instead of the pieces disappearing into the nether again from whence they came.
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